The following are actual client experiences who reached out to Metron for help after being taken advantage of by other online marketing companies. 

  • Example 1: Paying $6000 for SEO, promised to be ranked on page 1 for Healthy Weight Loss nationally in 6 months, which is a very lofty goal for a very small business.
  • Example 2: paying $13,000 up front for websites that are half built & no communication for completion.
  • Example 3: paying monthly fees for website support and changes and waiting months for them to be completed or even to be communicated with.
  • Example 4: paying $2000 + for Ad Words management and never receiving any call tracking, reporting and even using the business name as a keyword search (should never be) eventually the guy receiving the monthly fee stopped communicating altogether.
  • Example 5: Websites receiving SEO services for cheap rates ($250/month) and the SEO audit from our team showing many missing pieces and essential components not completed.

About 8 months ago our team at Metron was at a crossroads. Clients needed new websites which would run them $2200-$6500 depending on their website needs. This would then need some sort of marketing component which would come in at a minimum of $1000-$3500 / month. Each time we would hit a wall:

  1. They had the investment for the website but could not afford the monthly commitment that follows.
  2. Their website was terrible and to take their monthly online marketing fees would be a waste since driving traffic there would not be productive.
  3. They had already been taken advantage of and had minimum resources to move forward. 

We stood at the crossroads knowing two things:

  • If you build the website it does not mean anyone is going to come to your new beautiful site and convert into a client.
  • If you pay for monthly marketing such as SEO or Ad Words and your site is terrible your conversions are going to be low and the investment would be not be optimized and could even be a wasted effort.

“Metron decided that the BEST way to solve the problem and the way to be the MOST helpful to those who needed online marketing services was to offer a FREE WEBSITE.”

This is NOT a template website that is paid with monthly fees. NO! This is a WordPress website, designed to the clients liking that they own and can move on with at any time. The only catch? Sign up for a minimum 6 months marketing plan. Because “If you build it, they won’t come.” We encourage SEO if the budget is low and if the budget is larger, pair it with Ad Words as well. This will ensure immediate conversions with a long-term play of being found organically.

When planning your online presence there are 4 foundations to be put into place in order to build a strong and successful presence.

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4 Foundations for Online Marketing

1) A Website (we include this with our online marketing packages as explained above)

Today in 2018 EVERYONE knows a website is a NEED not a want anymore. It is something that is essential to your client base. It is the place you are found, researched and contacted through. Gone are the days of Yellow Pages. Welcome to the days of Facebook Tags, Search Engine Results, and Online Ads. To have any of these you need a website. It is the first foundation for ANY successful business.

2) Content

To begin to be found locally and organically your website now needs to be optimized and a new focus begins. Three main components to focus on for a website to rank is Content, Performance and User Experience. It’s not about how many links or domains you have pointed to your website anymore. It is about having the quality original content available that the user is looking for. It’s about ensuring the website performs well and it’s easy for the user to find their way around. When a user visits your new website Google will watch to see if they find what they are looking for and if it’s easy to navigate around and quick to load.

3) Search Engine Optimization

It is ESSENTIAL to begin to follow the basic steps to optimize your site. If you are in a niche that no one is optimizing for you could rank within 1 month on page 1 of that search! There is a lot of back-end work that goes into SEO and we have a 6-month roadmap that we follow to get you found via an organic search. Our 6 Month Road Map WORKS! We have multiple clients that have experienced the joys of being found and finding new clients. Think of it…. when you are looking for something, what do you do? You search it online – and you get results. You check the reviews, you click their website, you find them on social platforms and you make your decisions. For any of that to happen – you need to be found first! That is where SEO comes in and is a long-term play for long-lasting results.

4) Analytics and Reporting

We are always shocked at the lack of integrity in our industry. digital marketing agency Calgary The amount of people that we have helped with their websites, online marketing, SEO goes on and on.  We include this as a foundation because without it, your marketing will be lopsided and your online presence will not take off without analyzing and ensure what you are doing is working and making adjustments when it is not.

A Free website is our way of saying WE CARE! Sure, we can produce a new website for you if everything is already in place and you are needing an update. We are always here to help. But without the online marketing pieces, your new website will be a waste of money. It is essential to pair it with proper SEO and/or Ad Words to begin to build authority on the domain and increase traffic to your services.


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