The first 10 seconds of a website visit are critical for a user’s decision to stay or leave, according to the Nielson Norman Group studies. When designing a new site or updating your current one, here are four things to help ensure the user sticks around long enough to take what you offer into consideration.

Responsive Design

80% of us use our smartphones to search and look up websites. Therefore, it’s imperative that your website is responsive! Responsive design means your website can adapt to any screen size. Whether it’s viewed on a small smartphone or a large 50” presentation screen, the site should adapt well to both. With a responsively designed website, your logo will be clear, images and text will not be lost or blow up, and a user won’t have to zoom in and out trying to find the information they’re looking for. Don’t make the mistake of having a non-responsive site!


The worst way to lose a user is a busy website without clear navigation. A menu with clear directive on what you offer and what the user will be looking for is key to keeping them around. Otherwise, they will instantly navigate away from your site to find what they’re searching for somewhere else. Don’t make the mistake of having a busy or unclear menu with too many options. It should have a natural progression and be concise.

Social Media

Social media is transforming the way we communicate with customers, both new and old! If your business has social media accounts, ensure the user can find you and follow or like you. This gives them a chance to be a part of the conversation and will help keep you top of mind. If you have too many social media platforms and are not keeping up, we offer a FREE Online Audit of your online marketing to help you find out which you should be spending time on and which you should close. Remember to link your social media icons– a dead link could be the death of the user.

Fresh Content

When was the last time you updated your home page, your blog or your testimonials? It’s easy to keep a website updated with user friendly options like WordPress available. You don’t need to hire your website guy to make changes for you! Learn how you can easily do it yourself to save time and money. (Read what our clients say about their NEW websites)

Here are three ideas to update your content:

  • Monthly Specials – each month your home page features a new monthly special. This is fresh, new content and also brings the user back to your website to see what you might be offering this month.
  • Blog – don’t be intimidated! A blog is a piece of information representing your product, service or expertise. It doesn’t have to be long or take oodles of time to create. Focus on concise, original content with keywords your company is focusing on. Google LOVES this! Seasonal topics, industry topics and client stories can all go here.
  • Testimonials – another quick, easy way to update your site with content to benefit your users! Seeing recent testimonials of your product or service will help create trust – the user is more likely to see you as a viable option and even become a new client.

Web Design Company Calgary

In summary, websites continue to change and progress towards being a user friendly, information rich source for companies, industries and products. By offering a responsive, easy to navigate website with fresh content, contact information and social media integration, you can ensure the user sticks around for longer than 10 seconds! These four tips on how to avoid common website mistakes are easy ways to hook a user without spending a lot of time or money.

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