DOWNLOAD the INFOGRAPHIC How to Create Content in COVID Isolation

As a marketing agency, we understand that right now things are hard. That your business may be one that has had to close it’s doors because you are not an essential service. That your business has tried to pivot but sales are down big time. We understand that COVID-19 has changed life for everyone!

In this season we have been reaching out to our clients, discounting rates and brainstorming ways to evolve in this time. We ask ourselves the question, “What could a business owner do in this season to hit the ground running when it’s business as usual?” Yes, it will be business as usual soon…we believe that. But the question still stands – what to do….

If you are a small business and you have not been focusing on content, SEO (search engine optimization) or social presence NOW IS THE TIME because we all have a lot of that very thing, time. The challenge is what do you do with the time? What should you focus on and how should you apply yourself?

When you are in the day in day out of business the idea of content creation can be overwhelming and all too much. But now you have TIME and you are the EXPERT! We have been encouraging our clients to create content while they are home and have extra time on their hands. Here the Top 3 ways that you can create content for your small business:

  • Blogging – this is optimal for SEO (search engine optimization) and since you are the expert in your industry or service offering it is the best way to show off your business. We would suggest creating a 4 part series answering the top questions you have for your business or service. Speak to the user and answer those questions. Your blog can be 500-800 words most time and every now and then should run 1100-1500 words to optimize for SEO. Another suggestion is value offered content that teaches or gives techniques that the user could apply to their life or business. Using your expertise, knowledge that you use every day, your blog could be built out in these time filled days and be very useful in the days to come on your website as well as your social media postings.


  • Video Creation – since YouTube is the second largest search engine we always encourage clients to be willing to enter into the world of video. It can be very overwhelming and take a lot of courage, but it is well worth it. People want to know you are an authentic, real small business. The audience is curious as to your services and offerings. What better way to connect with your future clients! We would suggest consistency in your content that can include staff introductions, tours of the business operations, sample sessions of a service or tips and tricks for your industry. These days people are not looking for professional, clean, perfect videos. They want authentic, real and relational content – so the ball is in your court and the game is in your favor.


  • Website Updating – If there is anything, we realize it’s that many, many small business owners neglect to update their website. Services that are offered are not listed, pages are not working, phone numbers have changed and the worst?? The website itself is down. If you have your own website now is the time to UPDATE IT! Get those headshots redone and updated, rewrite your home page content to better represent your growth as a business, review your services and see what you are missing or what has been removed – just ensure your website represents you TODAY.


How to Use your Content

Now that you have your content created it’s time to organize and plan. Depending on when your life returns to normal you may want to strategize the best times to release it. Once that is decided, we have provided a couple ways to use your content and create consistency with your brand. When using social media the key thing to remember is consistent posting increasing your chances of being seen and shown in the algorithms. There is a fine line to posting to much to where your user removes you from the feed and not posting enough and not being shown because no one is watching anymore. If you can post 1-3 times a week you will find that perfect balance for your brand. Below are 3 ways to use and promote your content:

  • Social Media Marketing If you will apply yourself and create content in this season, your business can be ahead of the game. The secret is do not use your content all at once! You can schedule your content for your social media platform using an online scheduler. When things are back, we know you will be busy, and this can already be set and in place for you. Creating the content is the hardest part – now let automation make it easy and keep you consistent.


  • Email Marketing If you have a list, then email marketing can be the next way to use your content. If you do not have your list in a CRM there are many free options available and again you can schedule these newsletters. Create a series using your content and have it go out once a week or bi-weekly sharing your content with your client list. For those clients who have not heard from you in a while, this is a good introduction. For those current clients they will feel cared for and thought of that you are finally taking the time to engage and bring your expertise and ideas to their inbox.


  • Facebook Ads Let’s be real…if you do not have over 500 likes on Facebook the chances of your content being seen by multiple users who are not friends and family are slim to none. It is very important to consider boosting your content with an ad. Even if you put $50 into an ad to friends of friends or target your niche audience, this will enlarge your reach and expose your content to new people. Creating an online presence takes a lot of work and an ad is an easier way to build your online presence without waiting for the organic reach which can be slow and minimal.

As small business owners, we know that this season is a challenge and it has thrown a curveball that most of us will strike out on. BUT let us encourage you this is the time to focus on your business with time you have never had before. We have created an Infographic to assist you called How to Create Content in COVID Isolation that will take the stress out of content planning.