If you are doing any type of online marketing then you have heard the term “landing pages.” They are highly convertible and sometimes the BEST way to optimize an ad. In this blog I am going to help you, the local business owner learn what they are, why you need them and when to use them.

WHAT is a Landing Page?

A landing page is exactly what it’s called – a page a user lands on. But there are some differences that set them apart:

1) Limited or No Menu – on a regular website you have a menu that the user can use to browse through your website, on a landing page there would be none or a very limited menu with testimonials or bookings. Minimal options is the point here.

2) Call to Action – a landing page has a specific objective, a purpose for the user – it does not have multiple options. Just one reason to exist.

3) Hidden Page – a landing page is attached to your domain www.yourbusiness.com/special-offer that is not part of your menu on your regular website and the URL is only used for the objective in place (Facebook Ads, Blog CTA etc.)

Here is an example of a yoga special landing page where the user lands and has 1 option – to get a pass.

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WHEN to use a Landing Page?

Landing pages are used for specific objectives. Your website is used for company branding, information purposes and contact info and education. If you are wanting to gain conversions in sales, email lists or offers then we would not suggest sending them to your home page. Here is when you should use a landing page:

1) Special Offers – If your company is promoting a special offer then you should use a landing page. You can place that special offer on your home page BUT the truth is the menu, scrolling and pop ups are going distract them and the conversion rates are going to drop.

2) List Building – If you wish to build an email list for you to reach out with your ongoing blog subscriptions, monthly specials or free e-book then you must use a landing page. Many websites just have a pop up and asks them to sign up – but again you are giving the user the option to opt out. A landing page has 1 objective and tells the user what to do – it does not give them the options.

3) Facebook Ads – if you are using Facebook to drive traffic to your website and to secure a sale or service booking then your website home page will just not cut it. To keep your CPC (cost per click) low and the conversion high you will want to introduce a landing page with a direct objective and tell the user what to do – do not give them multiple options.

Here is an example of a landing page for an investment company and since the workshop registration was low we decided to create an opt in to access the workshop immediately by becoming a member. No requirements on the user.

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WHY use a Landing Page? 

Many users direct people to their main website since they want to ensure the users has ALL the information and content available for them to choose them. The business owner will want to have testimonies, services, prices, booking pages and MORE on the website – and that is the purpose of a website. That is not the purpose of a landing page. Here is why you use landing pages:

1) Funnels – marketing campaigns are trying to get a means to an end. Using automated mail programs and landing pages can bring higher conversions. A funnel is used to capture the ideal audience, give them something for free for exchange of their information. A landing page is a must for this type of marketing strategy to ensure you give the opt in options with minimal distractions and capture the users information for further offers. Funnels begin with a blog post, a Facebook post or an ad and bring them to the direct landing page with ONLY that related information on it.

2) Increase Conversions – a landing page can be very beneficial for your future clients and users that find you. For instance if you are a lawn mowing service company – your ad can promote 50% off your first service when signing up for 6 month package. This ad would then link to the landing page with ONLY that offer and would require them to enter their information to get that special. Another example is if you are a salon – your ad can promote Book TODAY and receive a FREE Deep Conditioning and have a booking App right on the landing page. The conversions when using a landing page and giving the user 1 option is proved to be much higher then landing on your website where they can get distracted over and over again.

3) Tracking – when investing in marketing and ads the most important part is to track the success or lack of success. When using a landing page you can check your Google Analytics to find out the following:

a. How many users visited the site?
b. Where did the users come from?
c. How long did the user stay on the site?

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If you do not track your analytics then you may as well just climb a mountain and throw money into the wind. Having a specific URL for a specific ad is how you create optimum tracking and find success for your marketing campaigns.
Landing pages are key to ensuring offers, e-books, blogs and bookings are successful. A website is distracting. If I am researching a company then YES – the website is a must! For SEO and ranking – a website is a MUST! It should be branded and have the information, testimonials, videos and everything that represents your company available. It should have titles, tags, keywords and optimized for google ranking. BUT if you are wanting to sell, build lists or create optimal environment for business success – landing pages will be required. Contact Metron to learn more!

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