Social media must be a lifestyle, not a fad. It’s something most businesses need help with! It’s something that should be thoughtfully done daily with assistance from professionals. As a business owner, you spend your days running your business, taking appointments, servicing clients, ordering stock, completing payroll and ALL the other things on your list… with NO time left over to run your marketing and social media campaigns! You can’t do it all; that’s why you’ve also hired an accountant, a receptionist and other employees.

Say you’re a new business here in Calgary. You know you need to be on social media so you decide to go for it yourself! You open a Facebook page, a Twitter account, set up Google+, open a Pinterest account, sign up for Instagram and create a LinkedIn profile (only half complete because the phone rang and you had to leave it as is). The next morning, you post on all your accounts, upload pictures and follow other local businesses hoping they will follow/like you back. You run out of time so LinkedIn gets missed again. Then two weeks pass. You know you’re way behind on your social media and do some catch up – posting bland content that doesn’t fully represent your business or strategy… but something is better than nothing, right? Since you started, only a handful of friends and family have followed you and no one has shared, liked or joined you. You’re not seeing results and can’t find the time, so months pass and your accounts sit dormant without new content, engagement or updates.

SMM Experts Calgary

Does this sound like you? It’s called the social media fad and it’s just like dieting. You wake up on Monday morning motivated and ready to lose weight! It might work for a couple weeks, but then a birthday party and a picnic sabotage you and the diet is out the window. Social media marketing, just like losing weight, has to become a lifestyle change and not a fad diet. It should be something you do daily, without too much resistance, to stay healthy and fit in business. And just as you would pull in a personal trainer, gym membership, calorie counting app or life coach to make your healthy lifestyle work, the same effort and work from professionals is usually needed to keep your social media thriving!

Building an online community to share your products and services, educate customers and support others in your industry requires time, effort and consistency. If you want to commit to doing it yourself, set aside at least an hour per week to check on your accounts, welcome new followers and post what you’ve been up to. Make it a priority for your business and you will see some results! If you don’t have the time or can’t commit, it’s best to forgo social media all together (dead accounts can do more harm than good).

Don’t underestimate the power of a well designed, dynamic social media ‘lifestyle’ and considering hiring professionals to help you take your business to the next level!

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