Have you spend money trying to get to the first page of Google?

Were there empty promises about getting you on the first page of Google?

Is the first page of Google your main focus?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this blog post is for you!

The first page of Google can be illusive – at some point you should consider the bigger picture. So, what is the bigger picture?

The bigger picture is a strategic online marketing plan including the following key factors to create a valuable online presence. You can do PPC (pay-per-click) but without the bigger picture, your chance of losing that paid traffic is pretty high. We’ve all clicked through an ad to find a terrible landing page, outdated company website or missing social links. This won’t succeed in securing trust for potential customers and is a waste of advertising dollars.

If I can use an analogy, it would be an amazing puzzle that took hours to build but has one missing piece. That missing piece will be very noticeable! It’s the same with online marketing – don’t let that missing piece detract from a potential customer’s online experience with you.

Here are some of the missing puzzle pieces to the bigger picture for your company and online marketing.

Puzzle Piece 1 – Social Engagement

“I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA!” This might be a common statement from stone age companies. They’re still advertising in the newspaper, doing direct mail outs and don’t have any online business profiles. This isn’t inherently wrong or necessarily unsuccessful, but not engaging online socially is a very obvious missing puzzle piece for companies today. Everyone’s online, so it’s in your best interest to join the party. Give your clients a place to find you, rate you, praise you and promote you online! Social media is here to stay and can bring major benefits to your company when done right.

Puzzle Piece 2 – Website Management

“I PAID $5000 FOR MY WEBSITE!” Another missing puzzle piece is an outdated website! Sites older than a couple years likely need a redesign or refresh. If your website has the same content it did months or years ago, it’s also time to re-evaluate it. Customers want to see an up-to-date website, knowing you’re ready to serve them. When they find the opposite, they’ll probably run in the opposite direction. If you stay fresh and updated, customers will reward you with trust and continued sales.

Puzzle Piece 3 – Online Networking

“NETWORKING IS A WASTE OF TIME!” Networking has changed a lot! With virtual meet-ups channeled through online social networks, sites like LinkedIn creating endless networking opportunities, and B2B taking advantage of live streaming capabilities, networking has gone next level. Networking with businesses you know and love is now happening online. So, find each other, follow each other, and promote each other to create a supportive cycle that will come full circle back to you. In the 50’s, word of mouth was the channel people used to find a reliable and trustworthy auto mechanic. Today, word of mouth remains one of THE best ways to create trust with clients and buyers and it’s now online too. Facebook ratings, Yelp reviews and client testimonies are something you need and want, so jump on in!

Do you want to be present and found in Google Searches? Yes.

Do you want to continue striving for higher rankings in Google Searches? Yes.

Can you still pay for Adwords campaigns to be the top of the first page? Yes.

Internet Marketing Alberta

Just remember, if you’re paying to be on the first page or in top spot you need to get the rest of these puzzle pieces in order. Nail your website and engage with that online community so when new visitors find you, they stick around.

When clients ask us how long it will take to get to the first page of Google using organic SEO, we don’t make empty promises. We help create a balanced and strategic online marketing plan to help them achieve that goal. Producing an online presence where the audience can find you, engage with you and feel safe to trust you and hire you will transform your business! Whether you get to that top search result might not matter so much in the end. 

Want to improve your ranking page of google? For more questions, contact us to get started!