Google is all about user experience! If you are focusing on SEO and being found you are going to want to ensure you have quality content all over the internet. From the website to your social media platforms, new and quality content is going to be a highly important piece to your online marketing success.

In 5 days you can create content for your social media, website, and YouTube channel with an easy plan, and then RELAX for the summer and enjoy the engagement.

Day 1 – IMAGES

On this first day you are going to want to get photos. Images that will be focused on your service or product in your location, outside, or in your home. We are not looking for perfection or professional images, but authentic, real images of what you offer. These days most users are looking for real and raw so it’s important that you create content that is relatable to the user. Below are some ideas on what images to capture on this day:

  • Before and Afters
  • Production Processes
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Team Members – in motion or doing what they do in the company
  • Products
  • Services in Motion


Day 2 – VIDEO

This is the most challenging part of the content for MANY of our clients even though video format is one of THE most-watched and responded to forms of media these days. To not be overwhelmed with this day, it is important to remember that we are not looking for pretend actors, we are looking for real people and real owners who can engage with the audience in a relatable way. It is also very helpful to have more than you involved if possible. Below are some ideas on what videos to capture and how to use them:

  • Product Sample/Service Demonstration – this can be used in long format but then clipped and made into a reel for short form.
  • Testimonials – people love to hear from other people so connect with people you know who would be willing to be on camera and express their satisfaction.
  • Back Stage Pass – a cool way of bringing them into your processes and showing off what happens behind the scenes with people in the company or products in the making.


Day 3 – Out and About

It’s time to take it to the streets! This is the opportunity to CONNECT with local businesses or people who LOVE your product. This can be images and video and it is NOT on location or at your place of business or home. These are people who are willing to show off your product or enjoy your service. In order to do this, you can offer free product or discount services and in exchange for this you can use the content and they will agree to be tagged and share the posts or content on their social platforms.


Day 4 – Curate Content

Time to download all the images and videos! You can always hire someone on Fivver to create custom, branded videos within and outs that include your website or phone number and logo. OR you can just use the content as is and put the information in the post. Either way, you have incredible content to download and use. Next, you want to organize your content into different folders by month or topic, however, you would like to organize that help you find what you need. Below is a step by step to make this step easy!

  • Download all images and videos to your computer
  • Organize all images and videos
  • Place in Folders that are organized by weekly dates for roll out purposes
  • Produce videos if you want to add logos, websites, and phone numbers
  • Create Reels from videos (short-form video) and save them as draft to post for later
  • Create posts in a Word Doc that match some of the content, services, and promotions, and add links to the website if applicable.


Day 5 – Schedule Content

This could be done on Day 4 but you may want to start fresh and complete this on Day 5 so it’s not so overwhelming. Pick one of the following scheduling options you can schedule your posts and not have to think about keeping up with the ongoing need to be rolling out fresh content every day.

  • Later is the all-in-one social marketing platform for the top social networks. Plan, analyze, and publish your content in a few clicks — so you can save time and grow your business. It has a free version that works perfectly fine or you can upgrade and pay $15/month which we would recommend for all the features to make life super easy.
  • Sprout Social allows you to spend less time on manual tasks and more time connecting with your audience through authentic and personalized experiences. This is more for a medium-size business and it runs you $89/month but has many, many features and data-driven reporting to help you maximize your social content.
  • Facebook has a FREE scheduling option and you could allow it to post to Instagram through this feature as well. It is very limited and exclusive to Meta and their platforms so you would have to find another scheduling option if you want to post to other platforms such as Twitter.
  • HootSuite Save time by scheduling posts across all your social networks in just a few clicks. Automatically schedule your content and review posts in a simple calendar view. It is a bit more affordable but still pricy if you are a small business at $49/month.


The most important piece to your success is quality content and the consistency of the content being rolled out. You can turn a week’s worth of posts into a blog, use one video for a 3-part series on a product and create a meet the team series with the several shots you got of the team. In a matter of less than 1 week, you have enough content for 2-3 posts a week! Now that is what I call smart marketing.

If you need assistance with your summer marketing, click the link to book a free consultation with Becky, Metron’s Marketing Director.