A quick overview of the Top 6 Social Media Platforms we suggest companies consider when choosing their marketing platforms.


This platform is a longer form of communicating with clients, customers and future business. It’s a great way to post and share daily happenings in business as well as monthly promotions and specials. With the larger amount of words to use, you can have more conversation style posts. Facebook users tend to graze through sites while taking the time to read and watch. The demographic for this platform has changed to 35+ while the younger generation has moved over to Instagram. Facebook ads have become very popular and can be quite successful. Some advertising here must be included in your budget when choosing this platform – organic growth can be very slow without using ads.


This platform is a shorter form of communication with local business, charities and clients. It’s a fast and non-stop feed of information, deals, specials and daily happenings. Monthly promotions are great for Twitter because the audience tends to be younger, fast-paced and interested in promoting one another. For local businesses, this community can be a fantastic way to connect and promote yourself and other local business. Twitter has added sponsored ads as an option, but they are not as effective as Facebook ads. They don’t control what you see, so who you follow is the feed you receive as people post.


This platform is nicknamed the “white collar” version of Facebook and Twitter. You can post daily, the feed is not as fast paced as Twitter (mid-speed) and you can be followed and liked. The differences with LinkedIn lie in the way this one is used by professionals. They use this platform in two ways: to create and promote an online ‘resume’ for other professionals/businesses to review or refer, and to find the right people for hiring and networking purposes. It’s a great place to connect with the professional world! Keep your profile up to date for those who will find you and refer to your experience, education and community involvement.


This platform is a visual form of communication used best by local like-minded businesses, corporate and residential clients. It’s used to post pictures and is a very visual way of promoting your work. It’s also a way to showcase your happy customers and allow them to share about you as well. There are no photo edits on this platform currently, but the analytics feature gives insight into how far your Pinterest account is reaching and who is looking.


This platform, like Pinterest, is another visual form of communication. The demographic tends young, and has even taken much of the younger Facebook demographic. One thing separating this from Pinterest is the photo filter – a digital layer added to your photo and giving it the appearance of professional editing. Some filters enhance colours and others dull light and contrast for a film inspired appearance. It’s a fantastic platform for those in the photography, adventure or other visual industries to promote their products and services.


This platform is one of the BEST ways to connect and maintain users. It can bring high traffic if your content is helpful, funny or quick to the point. You could create a video blog (known as a ‘vlog’) for your users – providing value for them and also creating traction for your other social media sites.  Content can be business related, humour based or used to feature weekly/monthly topics that flow with your other social media content schedules. This is an excellent way to engage your audience and create an experience, encouraging them to follow through to your website and product/service offerings.

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This is not a social media platform, but we’ve added it in for you to consider strongly when planning out social media marketing strategies. Blogging is a form of online community that allows your current and future clients to connect with you in a more in-depth, relational way. Depending on your business, it can be used for weekly informative product reviews, monthly promotions, weekly insight into current events relating to your company and so much more. Content should be built around your priorities and goals while providing value and fresh, informative content for readers.

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