Social media marketing is huge and only getting bigger. Your company needs new clients, but new and perspective clients need online community from you. By investing in online community, a company confirms their identity, their expertise, and their ability to connect with customers and their industry. They also build trust; key to any new client relationship and worth the financial investment. Below is an overview of two key factors in social media marketing that we want to share with you.

Be Active In Online Community

An online community is where people find out about you, follow you and see if your products or services are something they need and want. The spotlight is on you – the more active and creative you are, the more people will stick around and take part in your online community. An active online community spreads as people share and engage with you and will result in a wider network with greater opportunity.

Being vulnerable and open through online community develops trust in your customers. They will feel safe placing their hard earned money into your hands as they see you stand behind your products or services. Testimonials and good feedback are excellent at promoting you as a company, and more valuable to customers than self-promotion. Make it easy for customers to promote you online!

Online Community To Acquire New Clients

How do we prove a ROI (return on investment) for online community? Software can track website and social media activity to give you a good idea of what results you’re getting with your investment. Likes, shares, follows and website visits and all tracked, but it’s a bit more difficult to determine the exact financial return resulting from those activities.

In our opinion, wise investment in online community becomes increasingly vital to gaining new customers. When someone decides to purchase a product or service you offer, your engaging and informative online community greatly increases the chance they will purchase from you. Be quick to thank new customers, showing you are grateful and don’t take their business for granted. When you say thank you, an emotional connection is made and a customer will likely return to you the next time around.

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Our Final Thoughts

Do you need social media? Yes! Is it always about the bottom line? No! In the end, the trust you gain, the gratitude you show, and the consistent content you produce will greatly benefit current and new customers. And this will most definitely equal a positive effect on your bottom line.

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