It’s about that time. Time to reassess and adjust, time to review and ponder. Your company has been using social media channels to promote, share and engage for a while, but have you taken the time to step back and review the process? A social media audit is a great way to revisit and re-establish your goals for online marketing. Here are some key questions to ask yourself:
1) What platforms are your company using and are they all effective?

Too often, we see the “all or nothing” concept. Whether it’s relevant to their industry or not, the company has a profile on every single platform in existence. This is usually counterproductive for time management and may be looked upon negatively by future clients. It’s important to review which profiles are working for you. Which ones create the most engagement and buzz? Where is your audience engaging the most? Keep only those platforms and focus on them. We recommend being better at a few rather than trying to keep afloat with all of them.

2) Have you automated any posting functions within your platforms?

Automation can be one of the biggest deterrents for your audience, causing them to disengage completely. Don’t double or triple post the same thing on all your social media platforms. Automation can appear to be a great tool when you start off. It can save time and ensure your audience sees what you want them to see – but they’ll also get the feeling you aren’t present and authentic with your posts. This is a turn off and you might lose any platform you did have with your audience. The differences between each platform should be embraced – the goal, audience and style of a post should be unique for each one. Take the time to engage authentically and commit to using each platform as it is meant to be.

3) How often are you engaging your online audience?

Life and work can get busy! You had good intentions when your company joined the online conversation with social media, but if your last post is from 2015, it sends the message you’re too busy to engage with customers or your company no longer exists. Your audience will move on to a company who’s more involved and engaged. Refer back to question #1 and determine which platforms you should continue using and make a point of posting regularly. It’s much better to post and engage continually on only one platform rather than posting sporadically and remaining disengaged on several.

4) Have you tracked your website to see which platforms create the most traffic?

One of the biggest mistakes we find when auditing a company’s social media strategy is that they’re not tracking the web traffic coming from their platforms. Unless you see benefits (traffic) coming from your social media, there isn’t much point (read more about this in Social Media Marketing). Your social media strategy should add benefit to your business and increase your bottom line, and the only way you can find out what’s working is to track your traffic. For example, if 80% of your web traffic comes from your Pinterest posts and only 3% comes from Twitter, that should tell you a lot about which platforms are effective. Analytics can be overwhelming, but you need to get a basic understanding in order to review and analyze your strategy with real stats and timely information.

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I’m sure you can see how important a social media audit is to your company’s branding, engaging and promoting process. Take time to review and re-work your online presence based on what is effective and what isn’t working for you. Although it might surprise you, trust your numbers and focus on engaging authentically on the right platforms to reach your goals.

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