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Below are the NEW ways to be a SEO superhero today!

Metron knows how hard it can be to find honest online services. That is why we exist! We use all white hat tactics and ensure we are ALWAYS on board with the latest Google requirements. Here are the top 3 focuses for successful SEO services:

SEO Website Design Calgary Website Design – search engines now evaluate design for users. Here are things to watch for that may be negatively affect your ranking:

  • Your website isn’t mobile friendly
  • You have too many ads on your homepage
  • A user can’t easily navigate back to the home page
  • Your site lacks relevant original content

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Backlinks – only healthy and approved backlinks will do so here’s what to focus on:

  • Unpaid backlinks – paid backlinks may have a negative impact on ranking and SEO, unpaid backlinks are beneficial.
  • Relevant content – the backlink must connect with content matching your website’s main area of expertise. For example, your business is selling car tires and your friend has a muffin sales company. This friend wants to help you promote your business and agrees to place a link to your business on her site. Unfortunately, this is not a relevant link and will not assist you in ranking since your businesses are in different industries and don’t relate to each other. You might instead connect with a friend who runs an oil changing business – this would be a helpful and relevant backlink!
  • A good backlink should send quality traffic to your website. A link without clicks won’t be beneficial, but finding the right link location and audience will prove the backlink is trusted and end up promoting and validating your website.

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  • Original Content – it’s no longer helpful to simply upload a website and leave it be. Search engines are looking for fresh content both relevant for searches and continually confirming your website as a valid choice in the rankings. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a blog. Content creation can come from business reviews, testimonials, product review and industry expertise you’re able to share (see Content Creation or how Content Creates Value for further guidance). Don’t underestimate this important aspect of SEO!

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In conclusion, SEO has been a dark game in the past, favoring those who were technically and financially able. Search engines now are on trend with quality, not quantity. Original content, valid back links and basic keyword optimization can now get you to the top and overtaking those old and outdated SEO superheroes. Join the new SEO superhero team, promote your business and get SEO results!

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