We love going to the movies! You enter the theatre, sit back with your popcorn and candy, relax and enjoy the show. In 90 minutes the movie is over and you’re happy and satisfied – the movie was enjoyable, the snacks were tasty and now you can get on with whatever else you need to do. We like to compare this to social media marketing. Let’s say a client hires a marketing agency to prepare and organize a marketing campaign. A few weeks later, the client sits down with the agency and is ready to “enjoy the show” and check out their analytics results. And yet, within this time frame the numbers are not stable and the demographics are still being researched and established. When you went to the movies, you knew it took a lot longer than three weeks to create. It took months, and maybe YEARS! And online marketing can be compared to release of a blockbuster movie. The same steps of preparation, finances and patience are needed to ensure the proper audience, the proper timing and the proper stage is set. Allow us to roll back the curtain and help you discover the inner workings of online marketing so you, as the client, can be prepared and knowledgeable about the process, the financial commitment and the time needed to ensure success!

Phase I – Preparing The Script

 All movies start with a script. There are no actors, no sets, no directors – just the script. The producers need to decide who they want to represent the characters, where they would like to film and when is the best time to make and release the movie.

The same happens with online marketing. A small business owner must decide how they want to advertise, who they want to hire to represent them and when the best season is for them to set this up. If you are ‘The Christmas Tree Company’ for instance, you shouldn’t set up shop in November. The process and build should start months earlier, with preparation of social media platforms, website content creation and building on an online community to ensure you’ll have an audience. Work through your timelines and constraints first and then find a marketing team that will be the right fit for you.

Phase II – Setting A Budget

A movie about to be produced will fall into category A, B or C and this determines how much money the producer wants to put out and how much faith they have in the script and the ability of the actors to represent the film. If they have many millions, they’ll go for Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper and the film will already be on it’s way to blockbuster success. If they have a few million, they will hire lesser known
actors and hope the movie will be a sleeper hit or indie success.

The same goes for online marketing. A larger budget will get you places because it’s now PAY TO PLAY! If you have the cash, it’s like a snakes and ladders game where you take the biggest ladder to the top. You don’t need much time to build organically. You can pay for Google Adwords, Facebook ads, multiple posts on large social media networks, content writers to maintain your website on a daily or weekly basis and more. For smaller budgets, there must be an understanding that it will take time! Networks need to be built, audience trust gained and content updates will be slower. People will know you are there eventually but the ‘Big Bang Blockbuster’ is likely not available to you.

Phase III – Timing The Release

A summer blockbuster is timed years ahead to ensure it has the best audience and biggest earning potential. Again, the ‘Christmas Tree Company’ is not going to do a full push for promotions in July. They will wait for November and December when their market will come alive.

It’s the same for your small business. Think about what has been the busiest season for your product or service? When have past clients been most receptive to you? This research must be established in order to time the marketing push. Does your company have an up to date website? Do you have systems in place for the promotion you want to offer? These are also things that need to be ready for the timing of the spotlight.

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Phase IV – Enjoying The Profits

The fun part is here! Actors get paid the big bucks, producers get their money back tenfold and the director has a guarantee of ten years in the business due to the movie’s success. Notice that a lot of time and patience went into it beforehand, and so it will be with your business.

If you’re a new business and have no online presence, know that it will take time to build a marketing plan and lay out a strategy for success. Websites, SEO, social media platforms, design and logo branding, blogs etc. all need to be put in place for you to make a loud sound and help people find you. This last phase comes only after hard work and professional attention to the online market.

Everyone Loves a good movie, and everyone Loves a good product or service! Take the time, set a budget and get online! Success won’t be instant, but it will be worth the effort.

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