There seems to be confusion about how much online marketing can do for your business.  Your ‘thousands of followers and instant cash flow’ dream might be deflated and you wonder what all the fuss was about?! Is it worth it? How do I engage? We’d like to help you answer those questions! These are the ways we advise clients to engage and promote their companies online.

It’s Not Just About You (Networking)

The key to online marketing is in reaching out and supporting others in your network as you build your online community. If you’re new to the party, take it slow – no one likes the new guy who shows up and only talks about himself. Listen to the online conversations going on, join in when they pertain to you and your company, and promote or support companies you’ve had great experiences with.

Original Content (Blogging)

This is where many clients get overwhelmed, unsure of what they can offer. We think it’s important for you to simply share your knowledge and experience! Your company has something to offer, otherwise you would not be in business. This doesn’t mean you need fresh content daily, but it’s vital your website has a blog and content is updated at least twice a month. This is where it can be all about you! Share customer experiences, learned strategies and updates on new products or services. Bringing fresh content to your website will help it rank better with search engines while also gathering a wider audience to find out who you are and what you do. You add value, so begin to share it!

Pick Your Platforms (Social Media)

There are so many social networks out there and you shouldn’t be on all of them. Do some research to see where your competitors are, where your customers are and which ones work best for your business. Once you’ve chosen where to be and set up there, begin to engage regularly. Customers will now have the opportunity to tag you and share about how happy they are with your company to their audience. Keep engaging while showing gratitude and authenticity to your followers. It’s important not to let these accounts go dormant – posting on a regular basis will keep both current and future customers interested in what you have to offer.

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Pay to Play (Paid Ads)

Even though you might want to market yourself online organically, to get any ranking and attention you need a budget for some paid advertising. Ad space is now available on most social networks so there are lots of options. For shoestring budgets, Facebook is the perfect place to start. It’s very affordable and you can target your audience well. Larger budgets should consider Google Adwords and SEO, since they both take a bit more financially to see good results.

Putting all four of these areas together, you can create a powerhouse online marketing strategy to produce an engaged community and result in increased business and a better quality company. We’re here if you need help at any step along the way. We would love to help you create a tailored strategy to boost both your online presence and your bottom line. Feel free to get in touch anytime! Contact us here for more questions.