Giving Back Locally and Globally!

Mike and Becky Newhook, owners and operators of Metron, desired to create a lifestyle where they could enjoy their family all the while serving local businesses. They have done that with Metron, a one-stop shop for all things IT and Online Marketing including Websites, Ad Words, SEO and everything in between. Making time for family, they created a team from multiple countries. Several key team players around the world include Toronto, Calgary, India, and the Philippines.

Their time is now turned to new endeavors! These include aquaponics, that has the power to remove poverty around the world,  By training local entrepreneurs on how to manage a business, track and manage their finances as well as teach and train basic family life skills to thrive in a relationship. They believe the poverty cycle can be stopped and generational wealth can be created.

 Current Projects

 Who is Metron?

Meet Mike and Becky Newhook!

Mike and Becky Newhook have been married for 18 years this coming August and have been serial entrepreneurs since 2005. With successful businesses that allow them to travel the world and live abroad while running their businesses. They truly have learned how to live their dreams. It is their desire to ensure that your business does things right and does not get OVERCHARGED, UNDER SERVICED or OVER PROMISED! The online marketing world is cutthroat! Through their online marketing company Metron, they have rescued many, many clients from bad experiences with dishonest or unprofessional companies.

Metron has become a trusted company for many small to medium businesses from IT, to websites, to online marketing; clients are not disappointed! It is because of the virtual nature of the business that allows them to travel overseas and partner with local entrepreneurs and help them dream bigger and make the impossible – POSSIBLE! Metron could never do it without our trusted team with feet on the ground locally to ensure clients never lack service or have low response times.

What’s Your Why?


In order to be successful, you must know your “why” and it must be BIGGER then making money. Here is Mike and Becky’s Why…

Small business is truly Mike and Becky’s passion! So much so they have created small business training and microloans program for local families in the Philippines. When you commit as a business to Metron’s 6 Step Online Marketing Process for Success it not only will benefit YOUR business but will also be impacting a life, a family, a generation in the Philippines.

This strawberry farm/candy and jam business is on it’s way to not only supplying enough income for their family but will be expanding in the next 6 months to employ more local workers and build a successful business owned and operated by a local family. Metron has a much larger vision than just a local small online marketing company! It is all about expanding their knowledge and expertise into developing countries where local people can not only earn a living and get by but change their children, children’s lives. We help business owners here so we can grow and expand to see our passion to reach nations come to pass.

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