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“If You Build it, They WON’T Come.” Websites and Online Marketing go hand in hand. There is much testing, building and adjusting that must happen over the course of 6 months to ensure the conversion goals are a top priority. There is analytics to be gathered and examined to find out who is visiting and from where. That is why Metron offers a FREE WEBSITE. Time and money are wasted on a website if you are not partnering it with a plan to be found online. It generally is a 6-12 month commitment depending on what industry you are in but in most cases, in 6 months you can build it and they WILL come!

Metron’s 6 PROVEN STEPS for

Organic Online Marketing Success

Step 1

Website Build


Month 1

This is where we partner with your vision, your mission and your goals to build a website that represents your business and services. This process can be as fast as 3 weeks and can take as long as 6-8 weeks depending on the content that the business must source or create. We build the site on a private server so the client can always check in on the process and progress. Using our online content submission link content is easily sent to Metron and our online project board creates a seamless and easy communication process for our team.

Step 2

SEO Set Up


Month 2

Depending on the website process it is either being completed or is live. We begin to set up the search engine optimization process on page and off page. This is the first step in being found. There is a lot of work in Month 2 when it comes to SEO are there MANY details for SEO set up but below are some MAIN set up processes that will be completed in Month 2.

  • Google My Business Set Up
  • Google Analytics Set Up and Installation
  • On Page Optimization (content and images)
  • Keyword Research
  • Social Media Set Up and Optimization (1 Platform of Choice)
  • Citation Set Up

Step 3

Content Creation and Social


Month 3

By this month the website is live, and analytics are starting to be generated but not ready to view yet! This month we will continue the SEO process such as directory listings will be claimed, and press release will be released to various sites.  Now is also the time to begin to create content for the website blog and social platform of choice. A quarterly marketing plan will be created for month 4-6 this month as well in partnership with the business. Blogs, Social Posts, Videos and interactive content will be created and planned out, so we can begin to build the online community which is a MUST in order to have social proof with your audience.

Step 4

Analytics and Adjustments 


Month 4

 This is always a fun and exciting month to look at the analytics and review information that will impact the coming months of online marketing. This is done either one on one if local or via a Zoom Video Meeting. New Call To Actions may be put in place or pages may be added or removed from the menu. Website and content adjustments and additions for future conversion goals will be implemented here. Below is some of the analytics that will be reviewed:

  • Audience Overview – how many new visitors came to the website?
  • Acquisition Overview – how are your visitors finding your website?
  • Behavior Overview – how are the visitors interacting with your website and pages?
  • SEO – what is the placement and ranking of your website?
  • SEO – how many people are finding you via organic search?
  • Social – online community review and assessment of engagement

Step 5



Month 5

Content will continue to be created and implemented. This content is used as Blogs and Social Postings. SEO continues with ongoing actions to continue to rank the website higher and higher on google searches. Using our keyword research from Month 2 content is generated to support the SEO efforts and increase searchability. Below are the ongoing actions for SEO now that set up is complete and analytics are in place for review.

  • Sharing blogs articles on social media
  • Syndicate blog articles on various Web 2.0 sites
  • Claiming and Adding business to 10 local listing sites

Step 6

Reporting and Planning


Month 6

After 6 months of SEO your business depending on service and industry should be ranking on some Page 1 searches and in a routine of content creation. Final reporting is sent and reviewed with one on one consultation for the future. If the business wishes to continue SEO services or add on Google Ad Words, Social Media Marketing or Email Marketing these can be implemented for the coming 6 months at this time. The website is rocking and ranking!

2 Flexible Pricing Options

 Who is Metron?

Meet Mike and Becky Newhook!

Mike and Becky Newhook have been married for 18 years this coming August and have been serial entrepreneurs since 2005. With successful businesses that allow them to travel the world and live abroad while running their businesses. They truly have learned how to live their dreams. It is their desire to ensure that your business does things right and does not get OVERCHARGED, UNDER SERVICED or OVER PROMISED! The online marketing world is cutthroat! Through their online marketing company Metron, they have rescued many, many clients from bad experiences with dishonest or unprofessional companies. It is from these examples their idea for a FREE WEBSITE with online marketing came to be. Honest, Integral and Service Oriented is how Metron is run. Your business will benefit from not only their design and online expertise but from their continual care and clear communication to ensure your business is represented and reflected online the best it can be!

What’s Your Why?


In order to be successful, you must know your “why” and it must be BIGGER then making money. Here is Mike and Becky’s Why…

Small business is truly Mike and Becky’s passion! So much so they have created small business training and microloans program for local families in the Philippines. When you commit as a business to Metron’s 6 Step Online Marketing Process for Success it not only will benefit YOUR business but will also be impacting a life, a family, a generation in the Philippines.

This strawberry farm/candy and jam business is on it’s way to not only supplying enough income for their family but will be expanding in the next 6 months to employ more local workers and build a successful business owned and operated by a local family. Metron has a much larger vision than just a local small online marketing company! It is all about expanding their knowledge and expertise into developing countries where local people can not only earn a living and get by but change their children, children’s lives. We help business owners here so we can grow and expand to see our passion to reach nations come to pass.

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