Who is your perfect client?

Do you know your demographic?

Do you know who your ideal buyer is?

Last week, Earls made the announcement they’re starting to sourcing their beef differently. They will be the “VERY FIRST CHAIN in North America to serve only Certified Humane beef — meaning beef raised without the use of antibiotics, steroids or added hormones, and slaughtered according to the specifications of animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin.” (Calgary Herald – Article April 29th)

From all standpoints, this seemed like an amazing step forward towards the health consciousness & sustainability consumers are increasingly demanding. We can imagine the marketing minds turning at Earls with much excitement to promote humane and healthy beef products for their restaurants. I’m sure they thought “the client is going to eat this up!” Sales are going to shoot through the roof…

Yet, they overlooked one important thing. This humane, healthy beef would be coming from the United States and that did NOT sit well with Canadians who prioritize local, sustainable product. Isn’t Alberta beef known throughout the world as a top quality meat? We think Earls forgot to ask the questions we posed at the beginning of this blog!

When advertising, the MOST IMPORTANT thing is knowing your client – who are they and how do they think? Pitching humane beef from the United States to Canadians who are loyal to Alberta beef and want local sustainability didn’t work out too well.

The marketing dollars spent on Earl’s “Committed to Conscious Sourcing” campaign were substantial! They redid their website, graphic design and had six professional videos produced to promote the campaign. Due to the HUGE backlash they received, Earls reversed their decision and back-tracked on everything they had planned. They misread their client base with catastrophic results.

You may not have spent thousands on marketing fails like Earls, but perhaps your bank account tells a similar story and you can relate to their mistakes. Here at Metron, we often hear from clients who’ve spent THOUSANDS on Google Adwords, only to come away disappointed with the poor results. Many of you have spent heavily on Facebook Ads resulting in few conversions or invested in SEO with few leads or search engine rank improvement. This is an avoidable tragedy!

Before you spend your hard earned dollars on marketing, we highly recommend taking the time to know your ideal client, your avatar and your niche market. It may take some research, but it’s worth it! Don’t underestimate the power of knowing your target, zoning in on their needs and wants, and creating a marketing campaign to reach them successfully.

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Here are a few questions to ask in finding your IDEAL CLIENT:

  • Who are your past clients? Research your demographic from past experiences or use a familiar market to find out who’s buying your products/services.
  • What are your ideal client’s passions? What do they believe in and support? Does that line up with your product or service?
  • What is their pain point? What causes them the most inconvenience? How can you address that through your product/service? How could you market to their pain point with a solution?
  • Who do you enjoy working with? YES, ask this question! You can choose your client base from here. And remember, not everyone is your ideal client. Find purpose in your client base and you’ll enjoy the process so much more!

Don’t pitch your “terrifically envisioned and laid out marketing campaign” to the wrong market. Take the time to find your ideal client and then carefully craft a marketing campaign specific to them. Consider hiring the right company to help you in this process as needed. The extra effort will be worth it and we know the profits & results will speak for themselves!

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