Getting your company found can be a challenge in the sea of options that now exist for consumers. With 85% of consumers searching for products and services online your company cannot afford to NOT be found. Search Engine Optimization has gone through many phases and grown into a very user based experience. Gone are the days of thousands of links leading to 1 site or owning 100 domain names that point to 1 site. Google has revised over and over their algorithm and it is continually based on user experience and integrity of links and content. If you are using old SEO tactics you will be demoted these days but Google rewards those who do things right! Organic search is not dead and below are 3 SEO strategies for your company to be found and ranked on Page 1.

  • Google My Business

If you do not have one of these for your business, it’s a MUST! When someone searches for jewelry repairs you can appear on page 1 in the map search just by checking this box off! It is not a hard process to set this up as a business owner and can start your ranking process. By verifying and editing your business information, you can help customers find you. Local Searching is a very big opportunity for businesses when it comes to being found on Page 1. This is also where future customers find your reviews and if you can get enough of those 5 star reviews your company will become the default choice when people are searching. Add in some photos and have 35% more people come through to visit your website when you are found on google maps along with rave reviews!

  • Long Tail Keywords

If you open a coffee shop in a local city your chances of being on page 1 in a search engine search is slim or at the very least will take lots of time and ever changing content updating on your website. In order to rank quickly for your services or products we suggest your company niche into a specific offering. For instance coffee shop is not going to work for you BUT coffee shop with free wifi would be another option that would rank quicker and be searched more. With searching becoming more voice powered it’s more likely someone in the area will search with phrases not key words. Using Long Tail Keywords can help establish you and ensure you are found when people are searching. Another competitive example would be construction company. Instead of going for the competitive keywords change it to construction company with 5 star reviews. If you have those in place you are going to show up. When formulating content for your website remember to do some keyword planning and focus on long tail keywords and phrases to claim your spot in the rankings.

  • Social Proof

search engine optimizationDid you know that social pages and directory listings show up in search engine searches? For example, if your company does not have a website but has 100 positive reviews on Homestars – Homestars will show up in the search on page 1 with your company listing. Google also, for instance, pulls from twitter for some of the searches which appear in the top 10 depending on the authority of the post and how it relates to what was being searched for. Search engines are not all about optimization and back links – social channels are a key part to being found and ranked. This can be done in two ways. First, by having social pages optimized with your keywords and services on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. Second by claiming your listings on Homestars, Houzz, Yelp etc. will give you more search-ability and healthy back links that will boost your ranking yet again. There are thousands of directories but there is no need to be on them all. There are a top 25 that we use for our clients to ensure they claim and update their listings to help their search-ability.

SEO (search engine optimization) has been abused in the past but is now a very reasonable and quality way to be found. With 35% of all users clicking through and converting from a search engine search it’s likely worth it to invest. At Metron we have a saying “If you build it, they won’t come!” Meaning that just because you have an amazing website does not mean people are going to find you and use your services. It must be partnered with some sort of online marketing option and SEO is one that can establish your name online.

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