An overwhelming amount of content is available on the web! You can find pretty much anything you need on any topic. For your business, the question is: “Are you a part of the information and content creation in your industry?” We understand your concerns when talking about blogging and content creation, so let’s address some of them:

Metron is the BEST at Search Engine Optimization services in Calgary and in this blog we will explain why content creation is one AWESOME way to do it. We are even giving you 3 EASY ways to create content for your company – little tips just for you!

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“What information do I have to write about? How will I find time to create content?”

This is a huge concern! But, the reality is that if you’re not updating your website and online community with original content on a regular basis, that community will forget about you and your ranking will lose it’s grip as well. The importance of creating fresh and original content regularly can’t be overstated and must become a priority to keep an online audience engaged and keep/obtain a higher ranking on Google.

And here’s why:

  • TOO MUCH INFORMATION! Competition for information has increased because of how much we now use the internet. A nice website is no longer good enough, unfortunately. An original, content rich site has become a need and should provide users with information related to your business and industry that will be useful to them.
  • TOO MANY SHORTCUTS! Google has gotten a lot smarter… the shortcuts many online businesses were taking don’t work anymore. Website ranking now depends on content that’s updated, relevant and original. This should be in partnership with other SEO for the best possible search rank.
  • TOO LITTLE TIME! Online marketing is a fast paced world and a monthly blog or quarterly website update won’t keep up. Consistent content on a weekly basis, and sometimes daily, is required to be part of the online conversation. This should also include social media with backlinks to your website. Create the content that will draw users in and keep them coming back!

“How can I find the time to ensure my website & online community is updated and original?”

Good question! We’ve found some easy ways to organize content and schedule things so you can bring value to your online community and not be overwhelmed. Here are some practical ways to create content without losing sleep:

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  • 30 Minute Café Stop – Schedule in a 30 min coffee stop once a week. Put on a timer and stick with it. Pick a topic you know about and write – be sure to include your expertise, advice etc. and BOOM! You now have a weekly advice blog.
  • 15 Minute Break – Schedule in two 15 minute focused breaks per week. Again, use a timer and stay focused. Create content like ‘Top 3’ lists based on products, services or businesses in your community you love and want to promote. BOOM! Now you have a weekly recommendations list. (not to mention, the support and rapport you create by tagging and promoting other local businesses)
  • 5 minute phone call – Schedule this in once per day. This time will be used making a phone call to a previous or current client and asking for a testimonial. Encourage them to send you a video, email or write a post directly on your social media platforms. BOOM! Now you have a consistently updated testimonial page.

SEO Metron Calgary Services

As you can see, in under an hour per week you can create original content for online marketing and your website. Be sure to note that updating your site or social media with this new content will likely take you an additional half hour per week. In 1.5 hours or less per week, you’ll have a fresh blog full of recommendations, advice and ongoing testimonials also posted and linked with your social media. We can’t overstate the importance of this and have just proved it can fit into the busiest of schedules. Give it a try and see how far you’ll go. It’s all up from here!

If you have more questions or concerns, contact us here!