Online Marketing is the way of the future. Sure thank you cards and face to face are important but to be considered as a viable option for services or solutions; being found, known and trusted online is vital to the heartbeat of your business.

In this blog we are going to explain some of our strategies as a marketing company and the 3 components to consider when updating, creating or launching your business.

Be Found

If you are not online the chances of business coming your way UNLESS you have an incredible storefront in an incredible location is slim to none! Even if you do have a brick and mortar company your potential clients will still be looking online to locate you or research you. If you do not show up in the listings with a website or your reviews are showing 0 chances of that client even considering you now days is a big ZERO!  Here are 3 simple components to help you be found – and some you can even do without our help! (we assume you already have a website with our top 3)

  • Google My Business – PLEASE list your business, confirm your business on Google. Your address, description, images and website link will go a long way for your small business. If you do that simple thing google will then show you as an option on their search and maps if someone is in your area searching. Now to be clear if you are a yoga studio and you have 10 other studios around you chances of showing up without paying for some Search Engine Optimization are slim but you do have a better chance of being found faster by completing this 1 step.
  • Google Reviews – every client that passes through your door or inbox should be given the opportunity to give you a google review. These will help you rank better and show up faster! Because Google is concerned with the client experience you can be sure that they will be showing your business as a viable option when your reviews are 5 stars. When you are found, clients can trust you are a good option for their choice. Don’t be shy – ask for them!
  • Google AdWords – now this is one you will need our help and a budget for but you WILL BE FOUND! This option puts you on top of the search results guaranteed and your phone will ring. If you are looking for a jump start for the heart beat of your business this is the option for you. The other amazing thing about AdWords is that it is a warm lead – they were looking for your service and decided to contact you. Once you work out your cost of acquisition – you may be surprised how affordable this option is for you with all the new business you will be acquiring.

Be Known

Once a client finds you they will want to know more about you. This is where your social and media game come into play, as well as a well-worked website with content and call to actions that convert the user to a lead.  Today potential clients want to know that you know what you are doing and can meet the needs of their requests. Whether product or service-based your expertise, experience and knowledge will be judged before they make a move. Below are 3 ways to convey this to your potential leads and clients.

  1. Social Media – The best way to create a personal feel for your business. People want to deal with people. So get your team, your owners, and your location into the daily posts. This is also where your potential clients can find your promotions, coupons or local offers. In 2015, Facebook influenced 52% of users online and offline purchases. (Dream Grow) As you can see the audience is not only watching, they are checking you out and making buying decisions based on your social profiles. Keep it up to date, personal and relative. Not too spammy or sales-oriented.
  2. Video/Media – Did you know that YouTube is now the #2 search engine in the world? Did you know that Facebook lives climbed to 2 billion users last year? With this type of interaction, it is time your business joined the video game. There are some great options when it comes to video production. Customers are not looking for professional, suite and tie productions anymore. They want authentic, relatable content. This is in your favor! Your business can show off products, testimonials, tours, tips and more all with a click of your phone. If you want to step up your game hire out a production team and do a series and upgrade your user experience. But whatever you decide video engagement is staying so you might as well join the searches and be part of the fun.
  3. Email Marketing – if you want to be known you must stay top of mind with your clients and customers. One way to do this is through email marketing. Discounts, team updates, store news, seasonal announcements – engaging your client through their inbox is still a viable way to communicate and get your message out. Because these are already your clients and customers they are a warm lead. They already loved you so why not optimize these lists and change that 1-time purchase to a residual customer? Using Mail Chimp as a free option is also fantastic for small businesses who’s budget is low and user-friendly for those who cannot afford to hire that out.

Be Trusted

Once you are found and known the leads will start to be generated and your trust-building begins. This is an area that we find many clients lack in. We have fired clients over this last component. If your trust and sales strategies are not founded in your company values and missions you will find yourself unable to close the sale or worse yet; negative reviews will start to be posted hurting you more than no leads could. Here are a few questions to ask yourself and your team:

  • Do you believe in your service or your products?
  • Does your customer come first?
  • Is your online content reflective of your passion?
  • Is your staff trained for front desk phone sales?
  • Do you understand personality types?
  • Do you have a sales funnel to ensure no lead gets left behind?

Trust is not something Metron can build for you. But it is definitely something we can assist in building with you. This starts as an inside job both with the people and the company values. Once those are established your clients and customers will feel the shift and the love for them and their needs.

Metron LOVES partnering with small business and empowering them to not only have an online presence but be found, known and trusted. These are some of our strategies and services that we advise and assist within our monthly online marketing packages.