A website and online presence don’t mean much unless you have something to offer visitors. To reach the masses, it’s not about blasting specials, products, and services over and over again online. Whatever your industry or service is, find your unique voice and share that. You might need some help finding your unique voice, but be sure that you carry value and flavour.

Creating value for your company can be done through content, content, content. What can I offer, you ask? We’ve found many ways to create content that builds the value of your company and helps online users engage with you, learn from you and develop trust with your company.

Ways To Use Content As A Value Creator

Depending on what you offer, you can share insights and information to help people make an informed decision for a purchase or service they require. One key to remember is to always be you! Your personality in communication will add value to your insights because people want authenticity. If you’re witty, include a side comment or two. If you’re a stats person, use them to explain how you can benefit the reader. You have a flavour of your own and users appreciate authentic content that informs and assists them. Insights and insider information depend on the industry, but here are a few ideas we’ve come up with to get you started.


  • Top appliances you recommend
  • Which rooms to renovate in your house
  • Price compare low-end renovations vs high-end renovations

Salons / Estheticians

  • Top monthly product photos
  • Feature a stylist or esthetician
  • Hair/nail care and advice

Insurance / Mortgage Specialist

  • Importance of estate and family planning
  • Monthly product evaluation or spotlight
  • Feature a sales rep – detail their experience and client care

Health and Wellness Clinic / Coaches

  • Feature a product or service and the reasons to buy or prioritize it
  • Before and after photos, include an overview of the process
  • Tutorials

Content Marketing Experts Edmonton

Platforms for getting your content out there are diverse, but here are three effective ways we’ve found for sharing what you create.

Blog – a written article to be used in partnership with SEO. The article should be concise and include important information the user will find helpful, while building trust and helping them learn something. The blog should be on your website to push traffic there and encourage users to learn more about your company.

Podcast – an audio platform allowing you to speak your content instead of writing it. Podcasts can be made available on your website or shared through third parties like iTunes. For the non-writer, this might be an excellent option to produce content and create value for your company.

Video – a visual platform allowing you to be the face of your company! This may or may not be the ideal format for you depending on your comfort level and experience in front of the camera. If you have these skills, it can create enormous value for your company. Video is a powerful way to grab attention, share your expertise and promote your company.

So here’s our takeaway… create content! Remember that you have something fresh to offer both current customers and new users looking to find out about you. If they can read, listen or watch about you in order to learn from your tips, insights and expertise, you’ll have created a bridge to your next sale!

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