In the past, blogging may have been for stay-at-home moms, crafty people, or company reviews. Times are changing and this is definitely not the case anymore. Now it seems every company has a blog on their website (and if they don’t, they probably should). Blogging is one of the tools we recommend and use for our clients in the area of content marketing.

When we mention the word ‘blog’ to a marketing client, we watch their eyes instantly glaze over and can see they feel overwhelmed. Questions might be pouring into their mind, such as:

“How will I have time to produce content for a blog?”
“I hate writing, how can I blog?”
“What will I say? I have nothing worth talking about!”

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These are all valid thoughts and questions. We’ve found the answers to these questions are easy and the results beneficial. Here are three reasons to have a blog on your website:

1) Create Value for your Company

If you have amazing products or services and you know your industry, this is the place to share your knowledge! When a future client comes to your website and sees your expertise and industry knowledge through your blog, they will develop trust with your company. In terms of time spent creating content, it can be done over a weekend, once a month or even once a quarter. Perhaps you have a marketing manager who could take on the task? Or you might need to consider finding someone to help you schedule your posts and upload them according to your analytic data. However you make it happen, it will provide much added value to your website.

2) Drive Traffic to your Website (SEO)

Blogs are a fantastic way to drive new clients to your website. We’ve found that posting on social media and running email campaigns requires original content – more than simply sharing links or other material relevant to your company. Among those links and other sites shared should be your company’s original content with linkbacks to your blog. More original, fresh content equals more pages for search engines to index and rank.  Inbound links from your blog content will give search engines the ability to find you and can increase the “votes” for your website (read: higher ranking). Bonus “votes” if you get your blog content shared by other company’s sites or social media. Let’s sum this up: A blog with original content, good keywords throughout and linkbacks is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and increase your ranking on search engines.

3) Spread the Word!

Fresh, consistent content for your blog doesn’t need to come directly from you. There are a few options you can consider to ease the load! Here are some other content suggestions to produce results and allow you to create less content yourself.
Guest Blog – Look for like-minded people in or relating to your industry or service. They’ll probably be able to offer great insight and advice to your clients. Guest blogging is a win-win for both parties! The guest blogger will have a linkback to their website in the guest profile, and you get access to the guest blogger’s network of people who might now visit your site to view their blog post. More eyes on your posts means more “votes” for your SEO, plus it’s free promotion of your product or service for new visitors to your site. They might stick around to see who you are and what you do!
Testimonials – Do you have happy clients? Then you have instant blog content! Kindly ask some satisfied, loyal customers for a testimonial or an article about you. Why do they like your company/product/service? How has it benefited their life? Would they be willing to send a photo for you to use relating to this testimonial? Roll all these together and you’ll have a monthly client feature for your blog! This can also give you access to that satisfied customer’s network as they’ll probably share the article they wrote and site they’ve been featured on. This not only gets more “votes” for SEO, but also produces content that is relevant and supportive of your company, perhaps helping future customers trust you more and feel comfortable making a purchase or using your service in the future.

To sum this up, there are many ways to produce fresh content for a blog. If you have the finances, you can even hire writers to write original content for you. Otherwise, we hope you’ll take a few ideas from us and make it happen yourself. Happy blogging!

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