Take your company from ZERO to HERO in just five phases! Having a converting online presence is a MUST for businesses wanting to generate leads, build trust with future clients and stay on top of mind with current clients. Here are the phases we use to create an online presence that converts!

Phase 1


A website is always the first thing to be addressed. If it’s more than two years old, it should be updated and refreshed to stay current. If you’re going to advertise, you need a great platform for your clients to find you, learn more about you and contact you. Even a basic five-page site can work wonders if it’s responsive, mobile friendly and search engine optimized. This is the front door to your company – make it welcoming, easy to navigate and a good representative of who you are!

Phase 2


When a user lands on your website, there should be a ‘call to action’ encouraging them to connect with you. It should be tailored to your specific business and services offered. For example, a hair salon uses a pop-up for visitors to sign up with their email address for 15% off their next service. This allows the salon to capture potential client’s email addresses for future promotions, increasing the potential conversion of website traffic to new & loyal customers. Another example would be a coach or online business offering a free resource or service in exchange for an email sign-up. Make sure it’s tailored to your business and something worth the user’s email address!

Phase  3


This doesn’t just mean having ALL of the most recent social platforms up and running. This is an evaluation of which platforms would most benefit you and which you should put your energy and effort into. For the hair salon, their best platforms might be Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Since they’re a visual business, they should be showcasing their services visually to gain user attention and connection. Facebook Ads would be beneficial for promotion of monthly specials or coupons to followers and their friends. Facebook provides a platform for users to rave about their business as well. Tagging the business, checking into the business, sharing promotions and allowing online ratings will help the salon build trust and create an engaging online community, keeping the company top of mind and increasing returning or referring clients.

Phase  4


Search engines require quality, content rich websites instead of just backlinks and keywords. Therefore, content becomes an important part of the process! As well, users are checking in to see if your business has produced new information or quality tips about your services or industry. For example, a plumber’s website could have a blog giving useful information pertaining to seasons and client’s needs. In the winter, an article on freezing pipes with tips for both prevention and what to do if your pipes freeze would provide rich content for their site. It gives the user valuable information while keeping the site content current and original. The blog could be shared on social media as well, giving it the boost needed for quality link-backs and promotion of the company as a viable choice for future plumbing needs.

Phase 5


You can stop at Phase 4 and make the decision to create an organic online presence. Growth and turn over may be slower unless you have an amazing online network sharing and promoting you to their friends! Most of the time, however, heavy competition and the number of businesses taking up online space creates a need for paid advertising. This can take on different forms through different platforms like Social Media, AdWords and Influencer Paid Promotions. Facebook Ads and Twitter Cards are a great option to build your online community and promote specials if you’re working with a small budget. They can be niched so people seeing the ad are those most likely to click through and use your services. Google Adwords are a great option for higher budgets, allowing you to get to the top of relevant search results pages using keywords and landing pages. This option targets a huge audience and results can be instant. Paid advertising might be just what you need to take your marketing to the next level and see results!

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One thing to remember in all five phases of building a converting online presence is that things have changed. Being online is now critical for any business! Instead of searching through ALL the options, allow these five phases to help ensure you are online, trending and noticed.

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