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Becky and her team are phenomenal to work with. They built all my content professionally and it was very easy to read. They were very accommodating and they came through on time and delivered excellent work. Very insightful and knowledgeable people who really work hard to make your business grow. Thank you for everything!!!

Mina Mikhail

Owner , Home Medical Supplies

Becky and Mike go above and beyond to help me grow my business. They are very knowledgeable about websites, marketing and technology. They are heart centred. I highly recommend them.

Lynn Paulhus

Owner, Mobile Reflexology

Thank you so much for the timely responses and clear communication on your needs.  We really appreciate how fast this process has been!

Miranda Sallis

Camp Organizer, Ignite Football Academy

If you like to have a worry free website, Metron is the only way to go!!! Very organized, professional, fast and ready to help you and go above and beyond for you! Amazing owners and team!! Highly recommend!!

Evgeniya Knyazheva

Owner , Joy and Vitality Centre

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Why a Free Website?

The following are actual client experiences who reached out to Metron for help after being taken advantage of by other online marketing companies.  Example 1: Paying $6000 for SEO, promised to be ranked on page 1 for Healthy Weight Loss nationally in 6 months, which...

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3 Marketing Spending Keys (so you can make money)

A business knows that it must spend money to make money MOST of the time and, yet thousands of business owners think that their business is just going to become successful right out of the gate. When in actuality it takes time and investment to ensure a foundation for...

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How to Spot the Spam!

Today your inbox gets FILLED with spam. If you sign up for companies offers, then sometimes daily you are receiving promotions and discounts as a “valued” member. If you are on social media then your inbox will be filled with notifications of people liking, sharing or...

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